Children's Dentistry

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Children's Dentistry

  • Parents often have question about how take care of their children teeth?

  • When should they start brushing?

  • What kind of tooth paste is best?

  • What is Fissure sealant therapy?

  • Is there need of filling deciduous teeth when permanent teeth will erupt latter?

  • What is the best time for Orthodontic treatment in children?

Knowing answers to these questions and taking appropriate actions can help your kids teeth healthy & cavity free. In addition you will reduce future chance of tooth disharmony when they get elder.

The timing of the first visit to the dentist is a little controversial. The American Academy of paediatric dentistry states that children should see a dentist when they get their first tooth and not later than 1 year of age. In contrast, according to the American academy of paediatrics, unless your child has risks factors for having, problems with his teeth, such as sleeping with a bottle ,teeth staining, thumb sucking, tooth decay etc. The first visit to the dentist should be by around the third birthday.


Although you don t necessarily need to brush them yet, you should start cleaning your infant's teeth as soon as he gets his first tooth. At first you can just use a wash cloth to clean your infants teeth, as he gets more, you can use a soft children's tooth brush.


Dr,Afshar recommend fluoridated tooth paste for children that are not in habit of swallowing it or asks. Their parents should provide little amount of tooth paste (pea size) if they are in habit of swallowing. Non fluoridated tooth paste is advisable ,such as Oragel tooth & gum cleanser, until they are spitting the tooth paste out. Try to encourage your child to do so.


Water Fluoridation

Fluoridated water is available in areas where there is shortage of Fluoride in drinking water. If you use tap water there is no need to worry about fluoride content of drinking water, If you filter tap water make sure, it doesn't filter out fluoride, Contact the company that supplies the filter and make sure.


Fissure Sealant Therapy

A sealant is a plastic material that is applied to the teeth of school aged children. It provides a barrier against plaque & other harmful substances in areas of tooth that are not cleanable. Sealant can be applied on first & second permanent molars & appropriate premolars as soon as possible, after they erupt in oral cavity.


Space Maintainer

SM is an intra oral device that maintains the space that is required for eruption of permanent teeth. A deciduous tooth ,in addition to it's function in mastication plays an important role in keeping the space for eruption of it's subcutaneous permanent tooth.


Space Regainer

An space maintainer is an intra oral device that reproduce or regains the lost space of a deciduous tooth. Eruption of a permanent tooth into a shortened space of a deciduous tooth will not happen. A common reason for lost of deciduous space in children are early lost & existing decay in between deciduous teeth.


Dr, Afshar priority is to make the children's visits a positive & pleasant experience. Teaching children the importance of regular brushing and flossing, routine visit to the dentist & a healthy diet is our goal. When you do brush , floss & regularly see a dentist ,then it is more likely that your children will either. Afshar dental clinic provides all dental services for children. These services are include Oral hygiene instructions, preventive measures, including fissure sealant therapy, fluoride therapy. Orthodontic treatment, white fillings, pulpotomy, pulpectomy (Root canal treatment)+ stainless steel crowns.




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